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This section contains answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

No. Lauri works through 'natural language' emails. Just send an email and scanned documents, and Lauri does the rest. Lauri can also integrate with external systems through industry standard protocols and web services.

No. As Lauri works through email, it would just be a case of ‘switching you on’ to allow Lauri to receive your emails.

No. All we need is for you to email the core documents to Lauri and Lauri will extract all the information needed from these documents and your email.

Lauri currently processes both avoidable litigation claims and more recently MOJ claims stage 3. We will continue to expand other types of claim in the future.

Please either contact your Keoghs Client Account Manager if you are an existing client or contact us using the query form below if you currently do not work with Keoghs.

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