How Lauri Process MOJ Claims

Lauri integrates with leading claims systems and the portal to provide a true one-click experience for handling low value Stage 3 MOJ claims from receipt of the pack to the outcome of the hearing.




Looking to save money on MOJ claims?
Lauri can help.

Just talk to Lauri as you would to any human lawyer…

  1. If you receive an MOJ Stage 3 pack, either send it to Lauri via email or if you use the Verisk COA system, simply click on ‘Supplier Instruction’
  2. Lauri will process the pack and wait for legal proceedings to come in
  3. Once proceedings are in, Lauri will file the Acknowledement of service
  4. Once the hearing date is in, Lauri will book counsel and send the brief.
  5. After the hearing, Lauri will receive the outcome and notify you.
  6. If you use COA, Lauri will update the COA system with the outcome.
  7. Lauri will tell you what you need to do to finalise the claim if a payment is requested.
  8. Lauri will then close down the claim.

Lauri is ready to apply an AI mind to your matter.

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