What Lauri does

Lauri reduces your workload if you’re handling avoidable litigation in low-value personal injury claims. She buys you additional time to settle a claim, without involving a human lawyer.

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Looking to save money on litigation? Lauri can
help, without the need for portals or double-keying.

Just talk to Lauri as you would to any human lawyer…

  1. If a claim proceeds unnecessarily to litigation, just send Lauri the court documents as email attachments.
  2. Include any relevant information in the body of the email, for example "the date of service was…" or "indemnity has been granted".
  3. Lauri will then process that email and attachments, extracting the information needed.
  4. If everything needed is in your email, Lauri will use Keoghs Tracker system to open a case for you.
  5. Lauri will then do the legal paperwork and let you know when it's complete.
  6. The ball is then in your court, to settle the claim and drop Lauri an email when that's done.
  7. If you don't confirm, Lauri will remind you.
  8. If you run out of time, Lauri will allocate the case to a Keoghs handler.

Lauri is ready to apply an AI mind to your matter.

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